[Das folgende Bild war in der online Ausgabe der faz am 27.10.2013 zu sehen. Der Titel des Artikels: „Sebastian Vettel wird zu Schumachers Reinkarnation“. Die Bildbeschreibung: „Götzendienst: Vettel dankt ‚Hungry Heidi‘“. http://www.faz.net/aktuell/sport/formel-1/formel-1-weltmeister-sebastian-vettel-wird-zu-schumachers-reinkarnation-12636030.html ]

In diesem kurzen Eintrag möchte ich über folgendes Zitat von Timothy Keller (Pastor in New York City) nachdenken. Er schreibt im grob-übersetzten folgendes:

„Wenn ich das habe, dann hat mein Leben einen Sinn, dann weiß ich, dass ich wertvoll bin, dann fühle ich mich bedeutsam und sicher.“

Was auch immer dieses „das“ ist, das ist Dein Götze.

Oftmals denkt man doch: Götzendienst ist religiöses Handeln antiker Menschen oder Menschen, die noch nicht in der fortgeschrittenen Welt des 21. Jahrhundert angekommen sind. Götzendienst (und Religion im Allgemeinen!) ist etwas für Naturvölker und Schwache (emotional, sozial, psychologisch). Mit mir hat das nichts zu tun. Aber laut Keller verfallen wir alle dem einen oder anderen Götzendienst.

Wir alle sind Götzendiener. Wir alle (oder zumindest die meisten) wollen einen Sinn in unserem Leben haben – für etwas leben. Etwas das sich lohnt. Unsere Gefühle, Gedanken, unser Wille strebt nach mehr. Da muss doch etwas sein. Und je nach dem wie das „etwas“ ausfällt, haben
wir einen Götzen erschaffen. Denn was nicht wirklich Gott ist, ist per Definition ein falscher Gott. Und falsche Götter sind Götzen. An was hängst Du Dein Herz? Für was schlägt es besonders?

Was ist Dein „das“ in dem obigen Zitat?

A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Joel Caleb Turned Eight

 joel 8

Joel Caleb, it has been a full year of adventures and exciting times. Not everything has been easy and you are learning to live with transitions between phases in life as well as saying goodbye to loved places and friends.

You are becoming more and more a boy who looks out for others and loves to play with whomever is around. I hope this openness to others will be more and more cultivated in your heart and that the Lord will use it mightily in your life.

We are excited to see where this year will lead you and us and am thankful for all the blessings God brings through you in our lives.

The God whose heart is open to everyone may open yours more and more.

We love you.

In Christ,


A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Timothy Lukas Turned Six


Dear Timothy,

Now you are almost a schoolboy. I am amazed at your speed of learning and your ability of reflection. Though I myself am not a prophet I can see your giftedness in mathematics and your diligent inquiry in subjects of your interest.

You have adjusted to German culture and customs well and I am more than glad to see you having your own friends with whom you play and discover life.

The gentleman is still growing in you and I am eager to see how that will play out in 10 years from now.

I pray that God will bring you closer to Himself and thus closer to yourself. That you will find your path which God has laid out for you.

I love you so much and am glad to have you in our lives. Without you we would not be the same at all. We love you!

Thank you God for Tim!

In Christ. AMEN.

A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Jason Esra Turns Three Today



Dear Jason,

The above picture shows you in your cast you needed to wear when you were still two years old. I look at this picture and think that this does reflect the way you interpret life with all its circumstances. Even with the difficulties ahead you keep smiling and spread joy to those around you.

Your personality is growing and you become more and more your “own”. May you soon realize (and maybe you already have) that we are never our own but have One who created, loves, redeems, and perfects us.

May the LORD bless you with further joy and patience in life. May he grant you to experience Him early and to be worshipful for His sake.

In Christ, Amen.


A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Joel Caleb Turned Seven



Joel Caleb,

now you are already in school. Time is passing quickly and I am joyful to see you growing up in such a beautiful manner.

You are a young boy full of adventurous thoughts and pioneering spirit (this might be the lot of the oldest in the family).

Sometimes I am perplexed by your thoughtful actions—you are concerned about others and how they are doing (most of the times)—and then I think to myself: “Well, that is Joel.” And indeed, this trait is deeply ingrained in your structure. It is a delight to see that! 

May the Lord grant you many more opportunities to show your care for others and may such behavior steer people’s attention to the true love out of which you yourself take such treasures.

We love you!

In Christ,