Theological Thought and Unsettled Faith

Today we will once more depart from our regular study of Hebrews to an interesting book we are reading right now. The books title is Theological Thought and Unsettled Faith and was written by Helmut Thielicke almost 50 years ago. The subtitle is An Introduction to “Modern” Theology. [We are not sure if this book was translated into English. The German title is Theologisches Denken und verunsicherter Glaube
There are many noteworthy aspects to this book, but we only want to highlight one today. We are also very aware that this book is “outdated” and that Christians and theologians struggle with different questions today (e.g. “post-modern” theology) but the book is nevertheless interesting and worthwhile to investigate.
As I have mentioned we will only focus on one aspect – or better one quote – from this book:
It is for sure no sign of piety when I stubbornly stick to the Bibleletters [German: Bibelbuchstaben] and when I keep away from myself any critical question, if that which has been reported is actually true, and seeing such as a sign of unbelief. Whoever thinks like that does not trust the living God to do big things. And for sure the Lord would not tell those pious people: “Well done, you pious and faithful servant, come in to the joy of your lord!” but rather: “O, you of little faith, why are you so anxious? Why do you look for me – the Living One – by the dead (and also by the dead letters)? Do you think that any little breeze could knock me over, me whom wind and waves need to be obedient to?”
The critical method (of any sort) if done in a correct manner can be of benefit to the church and our understanding of the Holy Writing s and our God.

          What are your thoughts? 

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