The Word

Thou hast spoken – therefore I am;
Thou hast loved – hence I will be.
Thou art still speaking – I am jubilant;
Thou art still loving – will I be content?
The servant’s task is to listen and to be loved;
The servant’s honor to speak and to love!
With what great love Thou hast formed us
In the likeness of Thyself.
With greatest honors Thou hast called us
To be transformed into Thine Son’s image.
How shall we
            – who are but dirt –
                        respond to such?
Words do express, yet at the same do fail;
My uttermost “Yes” of no avail,
If Thou hast not spoken first,
Thus quenched my desire and my thirst!
So Istand in awe – worshipfully praise Thee
Into the ages – for Thou hast saved me!

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