A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Jason Esra Turns One Today

Jason Esra, with you in our house we have no need for sunshine and spring. You make our hearts bloom and teach us what joy looks like.
Your name is precious in that it represents the purely Greek form of the Hebrew-Greek Iēsous (Jesus) which means “The LORD is salvation.” And Esra [German spelling] is the faithful priest and scribe of the Old Testament. One of the most challenging verses in Ezra (the book) is found in 7:10 “Now Ezra had dedicated himself to the study of the law of the Lord, to its observance, and to teaching its statutes and judgments in Israel.”
He studied, did it, and taught the law of God. We all are challenged with at least the first two of these. My hope and prayer for you is that your mama and I will be examples to you (by the grace of God) and that you too—along with your two brothers—will listen and obey the Word the Lord has spoken and is still speaking.
Today you are one year old. We pray and hope that the joy God provides through you will keep shining in our house.
In Christ, AMEN

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