A Prayer for My Wife / A Letter to Her – Daniela Turns … Today

My precious one”…this is how I wanted to start out this Prayer/Letter, but there is something fundamentally I need to remind myself. Yes, you are mine in a sense that you are my wife whom God has given me…and that’s the point—God has given!
You are not mine—you are His! And believe me that’s a lot better (for you and me). The LORD has been gracious in convincing you to marry me and spend your life with me. Praise God (that was an imperative for myself).
Today is your birthday and the boys and I are so proud to have such a wonderful wife/mama in our house. Without you, things would be dramatically different (most likely worse!) and I probably would be dead by now, as I would only be drinking coffee and eating cookies all day long.
You are such a gentle spirit, a keen mind, a gracious heart, all wrapped in a beautifully hot body! I enjoy and praise God for our time together and wonder where He will lead us in the future.
Our marriage is so precious that nothing—except Christ and the church—can be compared to it. Life is not always easy, but with you on my side and by God’s grace, it is a deep joy.
I am looking forward to grow old with you (as you know I am a bit behind in that regard…) and wonder how much more we will love each other and laugh about our own petty failures/weaknesses/stupidity.
I pray that God will give us many more years, that He will sanctify us through and in our marriage, that He will bless you in terms beyond measure and that you will continue to be a blessing to those you are encountering.
Let us conquer the world, because He has done it!   
In Christ. AMEN. 

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