Limitations and Restrictions of My Thesis

     This post will continue with some aspects of my thesis project done for the M.A. New Testament at Trinity International University (Deerfield, USA):  

     Since Paul and the Law (Torah) is such a big endeavor, we need to limit it in its relation to ethics. Hence, we will not investigate the broad relationship of Paul and the Law, but we will only be able to give introductory and surveying statements at some point.

     This investigation will deal, for the most part, with the book of Romans and is thus limited in its scope. Further limitation within the book is the focus on Rom 13:8-10. Here now some justification needs to be given as to why an investigation is done on Rom 13:8-10. One of the major reasons for such is that it has not been done yet.[1] Further, close attention will be given to passages where the apostle explicitly quotes Torah in non-soteriological pericopes. However, it needs to be stressed that I do not propose a dichotomy between Paul’s theology (or kerygma/indicative) and his ethics (or didachē/imperative).[2] Hence Rom 13:8-10(or rather 12-15) and the moral concerns therein are not an “addendum to the theological argument.”  Yet Rom 13:8-10 is inviting for the investigation of the apostle’s usage of Torah.[3] It is in the statement found in this pericope were Paul makes the climactic statement about the Law (i.e., πλήρωμα νόμου ἀγάπη). Another reason is that “the role of the law [determines] the conduct of the multiethnic community described in 12:1-15:13.”[4] As Paul understands himself to be ἀπόστολος ἐθνῶν (Rom 11:13) it is all the more of interest to see his understanding of Torah. This will be done via close examination of Rom 13:8-10.

     In our next post, we will be dealing with definition of terms before we will move on with the subject matter.

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