A Prayer for My Son / A Letter to Him – Timothy Lukas Turned Five




Dear Timothy,

It has been roughly a year now that we have been “back” (for you it is the first time longer stay) to Germany. I do remember vividly how we arrived at the airport and how overwhelming everything was—especially for you.

All the more, I am proud to see that little gentleman growing into his day to day challenges and how you really bring joy to us all.

You are taking care of your little brother and you love to share and play with both of them.  

I pray to God that He will grant us to see you flourish and be exceedingly glad in that gentleman I so adore.

We are looking forward to what God will be doing in your (and thus in our) life and how you will develop over the next year. We love you!

Thank you God for Tim!

In Christ. AMEN. 


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